Víctor M. Burrel (El Adelantado de Segovia)

«Esperanza Martín (13), Infanta Cristina Award, made a breathtaking review of the history of piano music, stunning me both for her mastering and for her expressiveness and musicality. Beginning with a flawless Bach, she reached the summit of quality with a Debussy’s “Prelude n. 12, Minstrels” simple superb».

Andrés Moreno Mengíbar  (Diario de Sevilla)

“The case of this dedicated artist, more a joyful reality than a promising performer, from who we can only expect an ascending career, to the highest levels… this wonderful pianist who has already reached a degree of maturity that many professionals would long for. Behind her fragile, shy appearance, she hides a powerful charge of musical energy which emerges as soon as her hands start to move to plays composed to suit her. Such was the case with Beethoven’s “Pathetique”, whose first movement combined the energy and the introspection, always from the point of view of a clear articulation and a great attention to detail, as well as the grace notes in the early stages… She showed a delicate sense of colour in Liszt’s plays and in Albeniz’s, quite transparent this one. And the culmination was the mastering of rhythm in Gershwin’s”.

Juan José Roldán (El Correo de Andalucía)

“… (she is) starting to settle a career in which dynamism and mastering of the instrument are becoming the personal signs of her performance style… She performed Chopin’s Scherzo Op. 31 avoiding blurring the intention with any cloying affectation, half way between bitter and desperate, which at her age is but a boast of maturity and boldness. Good workmanship and great doses of feeling were the features of her “Rondeña”, while she had the wisdom to caress Gershwin’s rhythm, elegance and sophistication…The sensitivity with which she performed the encore, Rachmaninov’s Prelude Op. 23, n. 4, accounts for a versatility which has brought her many acknowledgements”.